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 AYSO Region 12 South Torrance
2015 Fall Registration Information

 We are Region 12 South Torrance of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). We provide year-round recreational and competitive youth soccer programs that are enjoyed by four-year olds (U5 division) all the way up to 19 year olds (U19). South Torrance is located in sunny Southern California bordered to the north by North Torrance, to the south by Rancho Palos Verdes, to the east by Lomita, and on the west by the blue Pacific Ocean. We welcome players from the surrounding communities. We are a 100% volunteer organization.

How Do I Register For 2015 AYSO Region 12 South Torrance Fall Soccer?

 All players must go to www.eayso.org and register in the eAYSO database and pay online by credit card. All payments for all players for our fall registration are online via credit card when you register at www.eayso.org. We do not accept checks or cash.

 How Do I Pay Online By Credit Card?

 You pay by credit card at www.eayso.org after you complete the registration for ALL your children at www.eayso.org If you are registering more than one child, you need to register ALL children first and then pay by credit card for ALL your children collectively so you can receive the sibling discount that is offered.

 Can I Start to Register on Line? Yes, at www.eayso.org and How Much Is Registration?

Everyone can begin registration at www.eayso.org for the fall season starting on April 25, 2015.

 ***ATTENTION VIP & U5 players*** you will need to register your player online at eayso.org

DO NOT make payment via credit card. You will need to mail in a check for your registration fees.
(New players please send a copy of your child’s birth certificate)
FEE for VIP & U5 only – VIP players $50.00 and U5 players $140.00

Please mail in your check to:
AYSO Region 12
P.O. Box 10437
Torrance CA

The price for registration for all players who register at www.eayso.org and pay online by credit card between March 15, 2015 and April 30, 2015 is $140 1st child $140 for the 2nd child and $40 for each additional sibling.

The price for registration for all players who register at www.eayso.org and pay online by credit card between May 1, 2015 and July 4, 2015 is $170 1st child $170 for the 2nd child and $40 for each additional sibling.

The price for registration for all players who register at www.eayso.org and pay online by credit card between July 5, 2015 and July 31, 2015 is $200 1st child $200 for the 2nd child and $40 for each additional sibling.

After July 31, the player is not guaranteed a spot on a team and will be placed on a waiting list.

Please Note:  When registering more than one child, please complete each registration BEFORE paying online.  After you have completed the last child’s registration form you can then submit payment for all children and receive the Family discount.  If you pay online individually after each player, eAYSO will not acknowledge the family discount and will charge you the full registration fee per child.

How Do I Prepare a Player Registration Form?

 The eAYSO website provides simplified log in procedures and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the registration process for players and volunteers.

 The information you enter at www.eayso.org becomes your child’s registration form, which is also his or her medical release. Please make sure you enter accurately/update all contact information for parents, all emergency contacts, the name of your child’s school, and all e-mail addresses.

 I don’t see “Application for a Returning Player”

Contact the National Office to link the player record to their account. This is a one-time step and can be accomplished through a toll free phone call to the eAYSO Call Center at 1-866-588-2976 Monday to Friday 8 a.m-5 p.m. Pacific time, or by email to eaysosupport@ayso.org. You will need to provide the email login and AYSO ID#. If you don’t know his/her player’s AYSO ID#, you must provide the player’s name, date of birth, and AYSO Region number or city and state.

IMPORTANT!! The online registration process will lead you through multiple pages. When you reach a page that displays the completed Player Registration Form and has a box at the top that provides instructions on electronic signatures, it’s important that you scroll down, check the box marked “I agree to use an electronic signature”, type in your name in the signature box, and click “Review”. Then you must click “Submit” on the bottom of the next page to submit the Player Application Form. After you have completed the steps to register all of your children on the eAYSO welcome menu, click on Online Payments to pay the registration fee and complete the registration process.


What Is Your Refund Policy?

 All refunds for fall soccer must be requested by July 31, 2015. There are no refunds after July 31, 2015.
Please email the Registrar @ registrar@aysoregion12.org

What If I Need Help registering or if I have Questions?

 Please call eAYSO helpdesk at 1-866-588-2976

 What Age Group Will My Child Play In?

 The following table describes the age divisions for the AYSO Fall 2015 season.
NOTE: Region 12 does not have all Divisions Children normally in (U9) and (U11) children would play two years of U10 & U12

Age Guide for 2015-2016 Membership Year
Division Age Born Between
U-19 16-17-18 8/1/96 and 7/31/99
U-16 14-15 8/1/99 and 7/31/01
U-14 12-13 8/1/01 and 7/31/03
U-12 10-11 8/1/03 and 7/31/05
U-10 8-9 8/1/05 and 7/31/07
U-8 6-7 8/1/07 and 7/31/09
U-6 5 8/1/09 and 7/31/10
U-5 4 8/1/10 and 7/31/11

Can I Play Up Or Down A Division?

 Players may play up one division only with the approval of the Regional Commissioner. No player may play down a division.

   Everyone Plays * Balanced Teams * Open Registration * Positive Coaching * Good Sportsmanship * Player Development