Referee Documentation




Without Referees there are no games – just scrimmages!

Game Card

The game card is provided by the coaches and should be filled out in player number order.  The Assistant Referee (AR) will track substitution, goals scored, and miss conduct during the match for one team.  After the match is complete the Referee and ARs will check that both cards reflect the same score (2-1 winning team or 1-2 losing team), agree on the sportsmanship points, and “print” names on both cards.  Indicate who your volunteer points are allocated if different from your initial declared team.

Sportsmanship points should follow area guidelines,  Click Here Page10.

gamecard1 gamecard2

Match Report

The match report is filled out and kept by the Referee.  This is used to clarify any discrepancies between the game cards or score questions by the coaches. 


 Misconduct Report

A misconduct report is required when a player, substitute, coach, or parent is issued a caution (yellow card), is sent off (red card), or if a game is terminated due to conduct issues.  Please fill this out in plain detailed facts. (link to PDF file)