GU11 Extra

AYSO EXTRA is a travel soccer program providing progressive player development, designed for players who have the interest, skills and abilities and want to enhance their experience and individual growth through soccer while retaining the spirit of and organization membership  in AYSO.

     1st  Tryout is  Sunday July 28th at Walteria Elementary School  10:00am to approx. 12:30pm
     2nd Tryout is  Wednesday July 31st at Walteria Elementary School  5:00pm to approx. 7:30pm

 Possible makeup date in August.  Time to be determined.

 Players must be in appropriate soccer attire.  (Cleats, Shinguards, etc.)  Please bring your own water.
Please show up promptly so we can  sign your girls in. 
Each player must have a parent sign them in and receive a number for their shirt.
Each player must attend at least one tryout.  It is recommended to attend all tryouts if possible.
Players will be evaluated by a Non-Affliated GU11 Extra Team Representative.  (Coaches and Board Members not affiliated with Team)

 Extra Team Information

 Age Eligibility  If this Fall your daughter can play GU10 or first year GU12  Then you qualify.

Under 10  8-1-03 thru 7-31-04
Under 11  8-1-02 thru 7-31-03

This team is separate from the Fall Regular Season and Select Teams.  Players may not play both.
The team will play in the Beach Cities League and attend multiple Tournaments.  
The Season starts at the same time as the Fall Season.  It will extend during the Select season as well.

Again this team is not a regular season or Select Team.  It is an independent AYSO Region 12 Extra Team.
We will be playing other GU11 and GU12 Teams during the season and Tournaments

EXTRA programs are primary programs, and therefore, Region funds may be used to support EXTRA activities, but only to the extent that they are consistent with the funds expended for the standard primary program. Each player will register and pay as part of the standard AYSO season. If selected for the EXTRA team, the player will need to make a choice to accept that commitment and be responsible to pay an additional charge of approx. $240 due 30 days after player accepts the offer to join the EXTRA team.  This fee will include a second uniform, practice t-shirts, advanced trainers and fees for tournaments. Please note that additional items like backpacks, sweatsuits, additional tournaments, etc. would be additional costs and it will be up to each team to decide on these items. Scholarships are available to those families in need.