New Referees

Without Referees there are no games – just scrimmages

Why should you become an AYSO Referee? We need you. We can’t have games without referees. More importantly, it’s rewarding and working with kids is great fun!

refereecardsReferees are critical to soccer – the game can’t be played without them. The referee’s job is to be the official in charge of the game. He is the independent arbiter and manager of the game. Her authority extends to everyone at the field, including players, substitutes, team officials, spectators, and even assistant referees.

The referee’s No. 1 one concern is to keep the game as safe as possible for the players. While there is risk in all sports, the referee is responsible for minimizing such risks from field conditions, equipment, spectators, and the players.

The referee is responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game in such a way as to keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone: the players, the coaches, the spectators and themselves. He interferes with the game as little as possible, avoiding making calls for doubtful and trifling offenses. Referees only make calls for offenses they are sure occurred.

We want our kids to continue to play, and they keep playing as long as it is fun. Referees learn that fun soccer varies from age group to age group of players

To become an AYSO Referee

Step 1: Register as a volunteer in the National AYSO database through eAYSO.

Login to www.eayso.org  and “Choose Apply as a new adult volunteer” (or youth volunteer)
Go through every page to fill out required information and check appropriate boxes and make sure you type in your name for signature.  No print outs required because we are using eSignature!

Bring your driver’s license or passport to your next training session for ID verification

Step 2:  Register for the referee training class(es) you plan to attend.

Region 12 offers in classes for Regional Referee and Referee companion class.  If our class dates are not convenient you can attend classes in our neighboring regions.  Check for classes by logging into www.eayso.org and choose Lookup, Course.  Narrow the search by choosing Section 1, Area F, and Region 12 for our local classes.  Section 1, Area F will include all our neighbor region classes.

The companion class requires that you complete both online classes Basic Referee and Safe Haven before the class date.

 Step 3: Complete the online Safe Haven class (20-30 minutes).

You must have your eAYSO ID in order to sign into the online class. You can view this by logging into www.eayso.com.
Visit aysotraining.org, AYSO’s online certification and training site.
Choose the Safe Haven course (same for Coaches and Referees).
Print a copy of the certificate of completion after you have finished the course.
Please bring a copy of this certificate to your training session

Step 4: Attend your classes.

Your class will include discussion of the Laws of the Game, practice with flags, and will conclude with a test to confirm that you understand the Laws of the Game for the Regional level.
For Region 12 volunteers, when you pass, you will be presented with a Referee Kit, including the uniform, whistle, pocket cards and flip coins.

Information will be provided on how to schedule game assignments and request mentor support.

Thank you for volunteering! If you have any question on this process please email your Referee Administrator at rra@aysoregion12.org