Referee Point System





The purpose of the Referee Volunteer Point Program is to help ensure that AYSO Region 12 recruits, trains, certifies and fields enough volunteer referees to officiate at our Regional games. In this program, volunteers agree to referee games during our Regional Regular Season and Playoffs.

AREA 1F has published a standard “2016-2017 Coach & Referee Requirements” process for all Regions in Area 1F.  This applies to  6-San Pedro,10-Palos Verdes, 12-South Torrance, 14-West Torrance, 15-Central Torrance, and 16-North Torrance
Please check the AYSO Area 1F site for the the official document at  http://aysoarea-1f.org/pdf_files/2016-2017%20Coach%20&%20Referee%20Requirements%20rev.2.pdf  or check the Area 1F website http://aysoarea-1f.org/

The summary requirements for a team to advance from Region 12 to Area 1F playoffs
*  U8-U12  3 referees required per team, each referee must officiate 50% of core season or Regional playoff games
*  1 can be an existing referee (youth or adult), 2 must be new referees (adult)
*  All 3 referees must be associated to the team as a parent, sibling, grandparent or coach.

Team Responsibility to Recruit Volunteers:

 1.    While individual volunteers are welcome to sign up at any time, it is each team’s responsibility to recruit its own volunteers to sign up to referee. Since first-time referee volunteers must fill out an AYSO Volunteer Application form and attend the Basic or U8 Referee and Safe Haven courses before they can referee, each team should endeavor to identify prospective volunteers and encourage them to sign up as early as possible after team formation.
2.    Prospective volunteers must be at least 12 years old. Prospective volunteers under the age of 18 must have parental consent.
3.    It is each team’s responsibility to track whether their volunteers are going to referee the required 50% of core season or regional playoff games to meet the minimum required number of games.

Signing Up for Games and Getting Trained:

 For referees that need training, dates for referee clinics and additional details are posted on our website www.aysoregion12.org, under the “Referees” tab. 


 No one except the AYSO Area 1F Director may grant an exception to these guidelines.
 These guidelines may be revised as necessary by the AYSO Area 1F Director.
 Questions or comments concerning this program should be addressed to the Region 12 Referee Administrator:  rra@aysoregion12.org