Thank your for volunteering to coach the players.  My name is Melinda McKee and I am here to help you.

First we have the sign up link for Challenger Fall Trainers, go to WeJoinIn   – to schedule your time with a trainer.
Trainers are available Mon/Thur for U7/U8 4-6 pm at Seaside – And for any age at Seaside, and Richardson Mon-Thur at 6 pm
We also have Challenger led sessions on Friday at Arnold for Skills and GoalKeeper.  Bring some players and a clipboard to take notes and learn some great exercises.   Sept 9-Nov 11  Open the flyer for more information
Friday Skills and GoalKeeper Sessions

U7-U8 Boys/Girls  4-5pm
U10 Boys/Girls 5-6pm
U12-U14 Boys/Girls 6-7pm
U12-U19 Boys/Girls 4-5pm
U8 Boys/Girls  5-6pm
U10 Boys/Girls 6-7pm

We also have free access to the Challenger Way web site.  This is a great resource for coaches.
Challenger Way

Melinda McKee
Coach Administrator

Below is a sample filled out game card – coach fills out the top of the cards and all players in numerical order.  Give the game card to the referee for pre game check-in.