Welcome Referees

Without Referees there are no games – just scrimmages!

New Referee Game Scheduling Linkhttp://www.cgisports.com/ref/5648

Volunteer Forms – each year a new volunteer form is required.
Login to www.eayso.org and “Update volunteer information”.  Go through every page and check appropriate boxes and make sure you type in your name for signature.  No print outs required because we are using eSignature!

Referee Point System
AYSO is an all-volunteer organization and therefore relies on volunteers for the successful implementation of its program. This point system is designed to encourage volunteer participation and ensure that games have sufficient referee coverage. Without referees there can be no games! And without games, there can be no program! We are all in this together. It is our hope that each team will provide, at a minimum, one Referee at the U8 level and two Referees at the higher levels (U10 and above).

Be a Referee! It’s fun! You get the best seat in the house. No experience necessary! We provide all the training you’ll need to be successful. Please see the training schedule.
Click here to see details:   point system

Let’s Look Sharp!
All Referees are urged to wear the uniform properly. Please wear the jersey tucked into the shorts, wear referee shorts around the waist, wear black socks with white stripes, and predominantly black shoes. Also, when you are at the fields but are not refereeing, please replace your referee jersey with another shirt.

Concussion Training
Referees must decide if a player is too hurt to play and concussions are important to recognize.   Please take the concussion training offered by the CDC.
CDC Concussion link 

Referee Coordinators
link to Referee Coordinator Page

Special Guidelines for Short Sided games
AYSO plays Short sided games with special Laws for our younger divisions (U8 and below)  Region 12 has a few modifications to the National Guidelines.
Region 12 Short Sided Games

Game Card, Match Report and Misconduct
How do I fill out my paperwork??  (link to paperwork page)

Ask the Referee?
Coaches or Referees, do you have a question about a game?  Send an email and we will let you know….  rra@aysoregion12.org

Useful Links

How to Become a Referee
Ready to Upgrade?
Laws of the Game  http://www.ussoccer.com/Referees/Laws-of-the-Game.aspx
AYSO Rules and Regulations http://www.ayso.org/resources/governing_documents.aspx
USSF Referee Site http://www.ussoccer.com/referees/overview.aspx